2-6 May, 2018

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
Jakarta, Indonesia

Visiting Jakarta

Visiting Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the largest archipelagic countries in the world, consisting of 13,466 islands with a population of 250 million people.

As the capital city, Jakarta can not only boast the centre of Indonesia's finance but also has numerous tourist sites that are worth a visit during a stay in the capital.

Historical Tourism:

National Museum of the Republic of Indonesia or Gajah Museum

Gajah Museum is located on JL. Merdeka Barat 12, Central Jakarta. The museum is the first and largest museum in Asia Tenggara. The museum holds collections of antique artefacts, statues, epigraphs and crafts.

National Monument
National monument is 132 metre's high and was established to commemorate the struggle and fight of Indonesian people for independence from Dutch Colonialism.

Nature Tourism:

The Thousand Islands
The Thousand Islands are a chain of islands in the bay of Jakarta. There are a number of uninhabited islands in this group namely, Bidardi, Onrust, Kotok Besar, Puteri, Matahari and Sepa. There is also a conservation zone in the area called 'The Thousand Island Marine National Park' (TNKS).

Ragunan Zoo
Ragunan Zoo, located in South Jakarta, was the first zoo opened in Indonesia. Covering 140 hectares and  built in 1864 it now houses over 295 species. 

Religious Tourism:

Istiqlal Mosque
Istiqlal Mosque is the largest Mosque in South East Asia. Located in Merdeka Square near the National Monument, the main building is crowned by a huge dome with a diameter of 45 metres and a single minaret with a total height of 96.66 metres soars up in the South West corner of the mosque.

Cathedral Church
Jakarta's Cathedral Church is located in Cenrtal Jakarta close to the Istiqlal mosque. The church was built in 1901 using neo-gothic architecture from Europe. Within the building there are 3 towers, the Fort of David, Ivory Tower and Anglelus Dei Tower.