2-6 May, 2018

Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE)
Jakarta, Indonesia

Market Overview

KyivBuild Meeting

Home to the world’s 16th largest economy, Indonesia is booming thanks to the country’s domestic consumption and productivity growth. The country also has a young population and is quickly urbanising, which is powering the growth in income. 

As shown in the diagram below, the age structure of the population is an important driver of construction demand. The higher the dependency ratio, the greater the requirements for housing and non-housing. Among the 13 listed countries in the below diagram, there is a clear divergence between developed countries and emerging markets.

The growth of Indonesia’s consuming class is stronger than any economy of the world apart from China, which is a key signal to international businesses who are looking for considerable investment opportunities.

An additional 90 million Indonesians are expected to join the global consuming class by 2030, which is the largest increase anticipated in any other country apart from China.

Furthermore, Indonesia’s population is forecast to increase at an average rate of 0.8% per annum between now and 2025. The GDP growth is expected to increase at an average of 5.4% pa during the same period, and its construction output to increase at an average of 6.5% pa.

Indonesia today...         

Indonesia by 2030...

16th largest economy in the world  7th largest economy in the world
4th most populated city in the world 135 million members of consuming class
33% of ASEAN’s GDP 71% of population in cities producing 86% of GDP
53% of the population in the cities producing 74% of GDP 113 million skilled workers needed 
55 million skilled workers in the Indonesia $1.8 trillion market opportunity in consumer services, agriculture, resources and education